Industries Served - Cleaning Services for a Diverse Range of Businesses

Bruce Reed Building Maintenance Services LLC has the privilege of serving clients in a variety of industries. Our facility services team has over 30 years of experience in successfully fulfilling customer needs. We are on the forefront of technology, service, and innovation. We set the standard in building maintenance and lead the way.

Our Company excels from basic janitorial to fully licensed building maintenance services including Industrial, Retail, Public Buildings, Universities, Commercial Offices, Financial Institutions and more. We can provide the right scope of work and the right program to ensure that your facilities are clean, compliant, efficient, secure, and most importantly meet or exceed your expectations.

Our rigorous hiring practices are unparalleled in our industry, and ensure that your offices are secure and well cared for. Bruce Reed Building Maintenance Services LLC will have your facility running smoothly because we attend to the details while you focus on what's important; your business.

Commercial / Offices

We maintain offices of all sizes and types. A clean professional image that your office projects will be well maintained by our professional staff. While cleanliness improves your business image, it also will create employee satisfaction. We can provide the full range of services to meet your business requirements. These include first, second and third shift cleaning, day porter, routine cleaning, and special event setup and cleanup. Our goal is to help keep your facilities efficient, productive, and clean.


We maintain your high standards and expectations when it comes to the cleanliness of your business. Bruce Reed Building Maintenance Services LLC knows that a clean retail environment is a strong building block of success.


Our main objective is to provide a secure, professional and efficient cleaning service for your facility, and offer ongoing quality control. Your building's appearance should reflect your professional image.


Dirt and grime can lead to an unhealthy environment, which can make learning much more difficult. Students can be hard on a facility. For health purposes, your educational center should be disinfected regularly, so that harmful germs and bacteria won't come in contact with your student body or faculty. We make sure that your educational facility is clean, safe, and supportive of the educational process.


Healthcare facilities have special needs for cleanliness, and sanitary standards are very important to the medical industry. For this reason, we have the training and experience to ensure that your facility is not at risk of infection and contamination. Our standards will ensure the right image to your patients and partners.


Keeping Industrial facilities clean is crucial to maintaining a smooth-running and efficient operation. Cleaner facilities are safer; a clean shop is a safe shop. A clean safe work environment provides more pleasant working conditions, which in turn will increase productivity. Environment for production employees, and present a great image when you have facility visitors or inspectors.